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Students & Educators

The PhotoVideoEDU Program is designed exclusively for use by students working towards a degree or certificate in photography, filmmaking, or a related field, at a level higher than high school. Of course, full-time instructors (college or high school) and academic institutions teaching photography and filmmaking courses are also eligible. If eligible, you may qualify for the special EDU prices representing substantial savings on specified products.

Check here for eligibility requirements.

About PhotoVideoEDU

PhotoVideoEDU is MAC Group's educational support program. It’s our way of giving back to the photography and filmmaking communities. We generate educational materials and programs to make sure the photographers and filmmakers of tomorrow are trained and equipped to face the challenges of these very competitive, rewarding fields.

We believe by demonstrating our products and their benefits, showing students advanced techniques, and giving them a look at how top professional photographers and filmmakers use our gear, we will help students become better educated and prepared to succeed. Combined with our strong customer service, this approach enables us to build relationships with the photographers and filmmakers of tomorrow.

We make extensive educational efforts in college and university settings through our EDU program. This educational support program has been an industry leader for more than fifteen years in acknowledging and supporting the advancement of education in the field of image creation. What started off as a simple student discount program has evolved into partnerships between MAC Group, corporate sponsors, and local dealers to support educational initiatives.

This new PhotoVideEDU website reflects MAC Group's commitment to the educational community and those partnerships. Its purpose is to strengthen the EDU program's longstanding success in bringing students and educators the best in photographic and filmmaking tools and information.

PhotoVideoEDU is involved with approximately 700 schools and nearly 6,000 educators. We visit nearly 225 schools each year to conduct EDU events that include:

       – Equipment demonstrations

       – Training in the use of photography and filmmaking tools
           and techniques

       – Presentations of real-world applications of tools
          and techniques

       – Field trips

       – Studio tours

       – Guest lecturers


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