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In addition to sales, marketing, distribution and global sales, we would not have the reputation we enjoy if it wasn't for our award-winning service department. Our service technicians receive hundreds of hours of education annually, providing customers with 100% of the service they need on each and every product and model we represent.

MAC Group's repair facility is state-of-the-art, with testing equipment and standards specifically designed for each product. For example, we have highly calibrated light sources for exposure meter adjustments, precision measuring blocks to check flange-to-sensor distance and high speed timing testers for checking shutter speeds. The average turn-around time for repairs is two days, far surpassing industry standards.

Some individuals in our service department, like Ramesh Persaud, have been with MAC Group for 18 years. Ramesh is an avid portrait photographer himself. During his day job with MAC Group, he manages the department, where he oversees all servicing, making sure gear is returned to customers in factory spec-quality. On his own time, he's creating great photos himself, just like the MAC Group gear owners he services.

Many of the technicians at MAC Group are also experienced photographers. Some are hobbyists, some are quite serious. They know the value of time for professional photographers, and accordingly get repaired gear back into the hands of shooters who rely on our gear.

"Both professional and amateur photographers demand excellent service," says MAC Group President Jan Lederman. "They want their equipment back in their hands quickly and working better than ever.

As important as the knowledge and equipment are, the accolades and awards our staff have won over the years stand as a testament to the high level of performance we hold as standard service.

What we do for photographers, videographers and cinematographers

As both shooters and consumers ourselves, we know how we'd like to be treated by folks who make the products on which we rely. Despite our best efforts, some questions can't be answered by reading what's on our Web sites. That's why we're here to be reached by phone during business hours.

We're also available in the flesh. You can talk to us in person at trade shows, or at one of the many seminars we hold or co-sponsor at local camera stores and photo group meetings around the country. Step up and say hello. We love to meet people using our gear to do what we do: take great photos and video.


For service on your MAC Group product, contact us:

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