Supplying photographers, filmmakers, educators and students
with the world's finest image-making tools.
Our Philosophy


MAC Group is a sales and marketing company dedicated to supplying photographers, videographers, educators and students with the world's finest image-making tools.

As our logo shows, we have a three point focus:

  • Our marketing communications group, MACmar, builds brand identity and delivers its message.
  • Our sales group focuses on the reseller channel and the professionals who create images.
  • Our distribution group handles all aspects of customer service, finance, warehousing and shipping, with the ability to also service every product we sell.

A rarity in the industry, by providing these all-encompassing marketing services with a singular vision, MAC Group can quickly adapt to changing market trends. We continually modify campaigns already underway, refocus shipping, and otherwise coordinate and alter promotional and distribution efforts to promote our brands with unparalleled precision.

Active photographers and filmmakers ourselves, we recognize professional creators of stills and video demand and deserve only the very best tools and technology. Accordingly, we are proud to represent market-leading brands which comply with this ethos.

Each product brand has its own marketing demands and needs. Accordingly, we build a different image and perception for each brand, executing campaigns and promotional efforts tailored for that individual company and corresponding audience. MAC Group isn't merely a one-size-fits-all marketing company. The benefit of this approach is each product line plays on the strength of the other brands, taking advantage of cross-promotional opportunities and other symbiotic values. This has proven to be a strong formula for introducing new brands in the United States.

MAC Group has only built relationships with brands we feel are very strong or have the potential for development into strong brands. As a new brand becomes part of MAC Group, our reputation as a market leader of fine products creates instant recognition in the world of photography. That reputation also leverages our reseller network to bring products to new and larger audiences than were previously accessible.

As we grow, we are careful to select companies and brands which complement our vision. MAC Group believes innovation is seeing what everybody sees, but thinking what nobody thinks.

If you’re interested in exploring how you can work with MAC Group, please contact Jan Lederman at 914-347-3300 or by email to begin a conversation on how we can serve your brand.


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