Supplying photographers, filmmakers, educators and students
with the world's finest image-making tools.
Corporate History

Jan Lederman
Jan Lederman
Paul Klingenstein (1915 - 2003)
Paul Klingenstein (1915 - 2003)
Henry Froehlich (1922 - 2008)
Henry Froehlich (1922 - 2008)


MAC Group was founded in 1988 as the Mamiya America Corporation by Jan Lederman, Paul Klingenstein and Henry Froehlich. All three were enamored with the art and science of picture taking. Their vision was to provide photographers, filmmakers, educators and students with the finest tools available to create images.

Their first efforts were to market, distribute and service the Mamiya line of cameras and associated products. The company was resoundingly successful, and helped chart our course for the next quarter of a century.

Paul Klingenstein and Henry Froehlich were visionary marketers who pioneered sales and marketing of photographic equipment from Germany and Japan after the end of World War II. In addition to pioneering products from existing manufacturer's production, new products suited for the American market were researched and developed to provide a fully-rounded offering of professional photographic equipment.

Sadly, Paul and Henry have passed away, but MAC Group has grown to over 100 employees representing thirteen distinct, quality brands of photographic equipment in the United States. Their original vision is very much alive and well at MAC Group today under the leadership of President Jan Lederman.


The brands we represent are known for their excellence in quality and are quite often recognized for their innovation by others.

Here is just a sampling of the dozens of awards we've won since 1988:





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