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Corporate Culture

True to our roots as a company founded by photographers, most of the individuals working at MAC Group are passionate about photography and cinematography themselves. When customers call with questions about photography, our employees often provide answers or recommendations based on their own experience.

Visit the break room and you’ll typically hear a conversation about a Soviet-era film camera someone picked up on eBay, or a heated debate about a recent editorial in a photography magazine. MAC Group team members also can be heard making plans to go to a photography gallery show or setting up walking tours to teach each other new photographic techniques. A love of image creation is why we work here.

We don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves, either. Many of our employees are involved in photography organizations, Meetup groups, and photo classes.

We also have well-known professional photographers visiting for photo shoots, educational video shoots, training, and meetings about new gear our manufacturers are introducing.

Photography and associated gear is in our blood. Making good images great is just as important to us as it is to any other shooter. We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge amongst ourselves, with our distributors, and with our customers.


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