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Beyond Monitor Calibration
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April 17th Free Webinar - Beyond Monitor Calibration!
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Free Webinar

Two sessions are available:
Tuesday, April 17th

Session One - 11 AM Eastern Time
(10 AM Central, 9 AM Mountain, 8 AM Pacific)
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Session Two - 1 PM Eastern Time
(12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific)
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You are invited to a FREE Webinar to see for yourself how to easily have your printed images match your display – every time! For more detailed information please click on one of the registration links listed above.

Topics Covered
Monitor to print matching (calibration and profiling)
Obtaining consistent color in camera
One click accurate color edits
Benefits of creating and using custom printer profiles
Soft-proofing in Adobe® Photoshop®
Applying printer profiles in Photoshop®
Digital projector profiling

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