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August 13, 2012
MamiyaLeaf Webinar
Invitation to Mamiya Leaf Webinar
Leaf Credo: Faster, Longer, Better
Dear Photographer,

We have recently commenced work on a series of webinars led by our own Product Manager, Yair Shahar.

In these webinars we intend to provide you with insight into our company and our technology and to present new products and solutions. We shall also offer tips and tricks on how to utilize our products in the best possible way

The first webinar took place on June 28th, introducing the new line of Leaf Credo digital camera backs. It can be viewed here.

The next webinar is set for August 13th 2012 at 11:00 EST (11:00 NY, 08:00 LA, 17:00 Paris, 16:00 London 23:00 Beijing, 00:00 Tokyo, 01:00 Sydney) and is aimed at existing Leaf Aptus users who are considering upgrading to the new Leaf Credo. Yair will go through some of the new and exciting features of the Credo and discuss the differences and advantages compared to the older and the current Aptus technology.

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Looking forward to seeing you online soon!

The Mamiya leaf Marketing team.
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